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  Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental
  We are one of the best simultaneous interpretation equipment rental services providers in India. We provide full range simultaneous interpretation equipment for sale and rent nationwide and internationally. We offer you the best prices in our entire simultaneous interpretation equipment rental and hearing assistance equipment for rent according to your budget and requirement. Our full range of conference equipments include fm wireless receivers and transmitters, infra-red wireless receivers and transmitters, interpreter consoles, interpreter booths, tour guide equipment, conference systems, assistive listening systems, push-to-talk microphones and conference equipment for indoor and outdoor use.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance and to get a customized quote for world class simultaneous translation equipment and services.
FM simultaneous interpretation systems for rent
Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation Systems for Rent
Digital Discussion Systems for Rent
Digital Conferencing/Language Distribution Systems for Rent
Wireless Whisper Interpretation Systems for Rent
Tour Guide Systems for Rent
FM Assistive Listening Systems for Rent
Infrared Assistive Listening Systems for Rent
Simultaneous Interpreter Microphones for Rent
Audience Headphones for Rent
Amplifiers for Rent
Mixers for Rent
Interpreter Consoles for Rent
Floor Microphones for Rent
Microphone Stands for Rent
Cables and Audio Snakes for Rent
Transmitters for Rent
Receivers for Rent
Simultaneous Interpreter Booths for Rent
Portable Sound Systems for Rent
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