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  FM Simultaneous Interpretation Receivers for Rent
Number of  languages that can be transmitted simultaneously in the same area using our rental FM receivers:
  • Up to 4 in the 72 MHz range using Williams Sound PPA R7-4 receivers translation headsets
  • Up to 6 in the 72 MHz range using Williams Sound PPA R7-6 receivers translation headsets
  • Up to 8 in the 72 MHz range using Williams Sound PPA R35-8 receivers translation headsets
  • Up to 3 in the 216 MHz range using Listen Technology LR-500-216 receivers
PPA R7 4N - 4Channels
• Wide­band receiver translation headsets
• Four channels, Pre-tuned to PPA channels A/C/E/G. 
• Custom channel combinations are   available by special order
• Listeners use channel selector knob to hear program of their choice
• Includes 9V battery (BAT 002), & mini-earphone (EAR 013
PPA R7 6N - 6 Channels
• Wide­band receiver translation headsets
• Six channels, pre-tuned to PPA channels A/C/E/G/I/J
• Listeners use channel selector knob to hear program of their choice
• Includes 9V battery (BAT 002), & mini-earphone (EAR 013)
Williams Sound PPA R35-8N   -  8-Channel Wideband Receiver with Belt Clip, No Batteries, No Earphone
The PPA R35-8 FM receiver can operate up to eight channels simultaneously when used with any Williams Sound Personal PA transmitter operating on the 72-76 MHz bandwidth. The PPA R35-8 features crystal clear audio, and is digitally synthesized controlled for rock solid tuning. Each unit is built in a rugged impact resistant case, and will operate up to 50 long lasting hours on two AA alkaline batteries (not included). It also features an integral volume on/off control, LED power and low battery indicator, channel selection knob and earphone jack. When AA NiMH rechargeable batteries are installed (not included), up to 12 units can be charged at one time when used with the optional CHG 3512 multi-charger.
LR 500-072/ 500-216 Programmable Display Receiver - 57 Channels
Listen's LR-500 Programmable Receiver offers a unique Look and Listen Display Easily verify channel selection, whether or not channel is locked, battery level, and RF signal strength using the LR-500's LCD. Also, use the LCD to verify programming status. Ease-of-use has never been better for users, or ease of programming for installers!
Programmability - Unneeded channels can be locked so this receiver will access only one or more channels of your choice. Channels can be re-programmed at any time to meet new application needs.

SmartChargeTM - Charging circuits are conveniently built into Listen's receivers, saving money and hassle by eliminating the cost of external battery chargers and extending rechargeable battery life. Simply plug in a wall transformer; batteries automatically recharge within the unit and won't overcharge. This also eliminates the need to remove the batteries or a charger at a specified time.

Seek! Since Listen receivers offer 57 channels, this exclusive "seek" capability allows a user to walk into a facility and press the receiver's SEEK button to automatically find a transmitting channel; perfect for personal use!

Multi-Channel Selectability means Compatibility and Versatility! Each Listen receiver offers 57 wide and narrow band channels at 216MHz. Channels even match commonly used channel numbers and letters. Thus, this receiver is compatible with similar type FM transmitters. This means limitless application possibilities and assurance in finding a clear transmission channel.

Rock-Solid Performance! Listen receivers are digitally-tuned so reception won't drift - assurance that when you select a channel, it stays there, for consistent, high-quality audio.
IR Receivers for Rent
The portable TC-J906 infrared receiver is designed to receive up to six audio channels. The optical lens offers a wide receiving angle to pick up the infrared light signal. The delegate may listen to any selected language on a headphone/earphone. Volume level can be adjusted through the volume control for comfortable listening. Any number of receivers can be used in an installation.
* Modulation mode: FM
* Frequency synthesis: digital PLL
* Carrier frequencies: 2.0 MHz - 6.0MHz
* Frequency response: 100Hz-14kHz
* De-emphasis: 75 ?Sec.
* Peak deviation: ±7.5kHz
* Distortion at 1 kHz: <1%
* S/N ratio: >55dB
* Frequency stability: 10ppm
* Operating voltage: 2.3V-3.6V
* Power consumption: 50mW
* Slide switch for channel selection
* Thumbwheel switch for power on/off & volume control
* 3.5mm output phone jack
* Battery type: 2 x AAA alkaline or rechargeable
* Pocket clip and lanyard for easy-wearing
* 140*58*30 mm (L x W x D)
* Weight: 130g (excluding batteries)
1 POWER ON INDICATOR LED indicator will light up when the receiver is turned on.
2 OPTICAL LENS Infrared light focusing device inside the plastic shield
3 PHONE JACK 3.5mm mini earphone jack.
4 POCKET CLIP Integrated pocket clip for easy-wearing
5 POWER / VOLUME Thumbwheel switch for power on/off and volume control
6 CHANNEL SELECTOR Slide switch for channel selection (Ch 0,1,2,3…)
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