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  Distribution Amplifiers for Rent
305 Symetrix 4 Channel Distribution Amplifier
amplifiers A one input, four output mono distribution amplifier.
Use the 305 to route your most critical audio to four separate outputs. Sound contractors will find the 305 essential for feeding multiple power amps.
The Symetrix 305 Distribution Amplifier shall be a one channel audio distribution amplifier consisting of one electronically balanced input amplifier and four electronically balanced output amplifiers. There shall be a master gain adjustment circuit capable of up to 15dB of gain or 15dB of loss for the purpose of optimally matching incoming signal level(s). There shall be a four-LED array for the indication of the signal level applied to the output drive circuits. The LEDs shall be labelled CLIP, +10, 0, and -10 corresponding to internal signal levels of +18dBu, +10dBu, 0dBu, and -10dBu.

The output shall be capable of driving a 600- ohm balanced load to a level of +22 dBu. The maximum output level into a balanced bridging load (20K Ohms) shall be +26 dBu. The output will offer an individual attenuator with a range of 0 to -20 dB. Frequency response through the amplifier shall be ±1/2 dB, measured between 20 Hz and 20 kHz. THD+Noise shall be less than 0.009% measured at +26dBu with a band- width of 30 kHz. Residual noise will be >100 dB below a +4 dBu input signal when measured with an A-weighting filter.

The unit shall occupy half of the width of one rack space. The physical dimensions shall be 1.75"H x 8.5"W x 6.5"D; 4.445cm H x 21.59cm W x 15.875cm D. The distribution amplifier shall operate by means of a Symetrix PS-3 or PS-3E power supply connected to 117V AC nominal, (95-130V AC), 50-60 Hz or 230V AC nominal, (165-255V AC), 50 Hz.
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